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‘s Hospital treatment. In the afternoon, the Tao admissions has reached 12 people, many of them with severe symptoms. Noon on the day after, the 73-year-old Tao Li book with her daughter, son-in-law and grandson, granddaughter and other family members of 12 people had lunch, eat the pig head meat, rice and a variety of self-fried dishes. Tao family diagnosed with food poisoning reasons have not been able to go to Zheng freshman Affiliated to continue treatment. Check in the hospital during treatment, 12 people appeared different degrees of vomiting,hollister co, hair loss, breathing difficulties and other symptoms, including 4 Zheng freshman Affiliated issued a notice in critical condition, the other 8 people the disease can not be optimistic, rely on dialysis and other life-sustaining. Tao Li Shu’s son-in-law Wu Zhiguo said, this time including them husband and wife, father-in-law, including 8 of 12 adults, four children drug down. Investigation the event progress] Zhongmu police have been involved in yesterday morning, after a variety of inspection, the hospital eventually diagnosed Tao 12 per capita for acute thallium poisoning. Informed that this had never heard of the new term, originally thought that may be just ordinary food poisoning Tao family is very shocked and worried. Zheng freshman Affiliated Poisoning experts on duty in the ward, deputy director of the emergency medicine physician Liuqiu Hui said, thallium poisoning is generally cumulative poisoning, through long-term trace intake, can be a potential hazard to human health. Like Tao family collective suddenly thallium poisoning, should be due to the consumption of food contaminated with heavy metals, thallium content of these foods. Thallium poisoning have been very rare, a collective poisoning of 12 people and more like this is rare. “Liuqiu Hui said,” treatment of thallium poisoning, requiring dialysis and specialized detoxification therapy, treatment is very difficult, complex, not immediate. Wu Zhiguo said, they lived by farming, low income, but since the self-treatment, ten days already spent more than 100,000 yuan of various fees, spent all their savings, by all relatives and friends. INVENTORY AND said, after the incident, they feel strange, and dialed 110. According to the analysis of the health care staff, thallium poisoning are generally human poisoning,ヴィトン 財布, from the circumstances of the incident, the cumulative nature of the toxin attack less likely, the possibility of human poisoning. Yesterday, Zhongmu County Public Security Bureau relevant responsible person said, the case is temporarily unable to qualitative, they are still under investigation. [Reporter survey] Thallium and its compounds are free to purchase the reporter found, Thallium and its compounds are highly toxic products,peuterey outlet, but the public can freely through a variety of ways such as online shopping purchase. Thallium and its compounds, regulation should be strengthened. Reporters input “thallium”, in an e-commerce website, immediately seized the 70 businesses. Most of these businesses thallium nitrate sale,ヴィトン, trifluoroacetic acid, thallium iodide, thallium-based, Tianjin, Shaanxi wholesalers sell a purity of 99.9%, 99,moncler.5% thallium powder. The site businesses Thallium and its compounds, address in Zhengzhou City, there are several. Information display, 1,800 yuan to buy a bottle of thallium nitrate. Reporter Contact the Erqi dealer Wang informed, as long as the reporter needs, she may be getting goods live trading. “I just sell things, whatever you are doing with it, that is your thing, I tell you, there is nobody that sort of thing!” For reporters “whether to allow the purchase of the doubt, Wang said. The relevant people in the industry said that the sales of thallium and its compounds are currently no clearly defined,peuterey, is a gray area, there are many domestic media called for the strengthening of supervision,moncler outlet. [News] antidote morning last night 10:45 to Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou City, the Food and Drug Authority, Li Xin Zhang told reporters, the Zhongmou taojiahe of thallium poisoning, Zhengzhou City Vice Mayor Liu Dong specially made instructions, require full treatment. The same time, the Zhengzhou Municipal Food and Drug Administration in conjunction with the Health Bureau of Zhengzhou City, the night consulting the Ministry of Health and the military hospital to Henan love finding a cure Health Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd,doudoune moncler.. 11:00 last night, Beijing has staff with the antidote plane rushed Zhengzhou license arrived about 2:00 this morning. Link part of thallium poisoning in May 1997, two students of the 1994 Department of Chemistry, Peking University classmates poisoning thallium poisoning occurred Fortunately,グッチ, due to the rescue in time, are completely restored,バーバリー 財布. May 2002, a beauty shop owner Zhangqiu has poisoning thallium poisoning caused two people, one person was killed. In May 2007, China University of Mining and Technology students often Yu Qing network purchased 250 grams of thallium nitrate, 2 mg poisoning. Three students to drink water after reaction of thallium poisoning and hospitalization. October 25, 2007, Shantou billionaire confirmed thallium poisoning, where he died on November 2. Link What is thallium poisoning thallium is a rare and widely distributed metal elements, similar to the appearance of tin, often found in a small number of mineral compounds form. Thallium toxicity to mammals is higher than the metal elements such as lead, mercury, and arsenic considerable. Poisoning presenting symptoms were numbness or pain, low back pain, hair loss, headaches, mental anxiety, muscle pain, hand, foot and trembling, and ataxia. Also highly toxic thallium compounds. Is generally believed that the thallium on adult minimum lethal dose of approximately 12mg/kg, less than 1 gram dose may set kill adults.
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