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  • 09 Homecare, not WalMart or CVS, Professor!
    By Rommel Badua - Visionary & Problem Solver “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” –  Wayne Gretzky, the greatest hockey player of all time. It is this simple philosophy that businesses…more
  • 19 Software Tip of the Month - September 2013
    Step 1: Click the “Reports” bar in the lower left corner. Step 2: Double click the “Operational Reports” folder in the upper left corner. Step 3: Click “Vision Therapy Eligibility.” Step 4: Set your date range and click “Get Report…more
  • 11 OASIS Tip of the Month - September 2013
    Confusing Responses to M2100 Click here to print this tip!
  • 11 Coding Tip of the Month - September 2013
    Late Effect of a Traumatic Brain Bleed Walk through this sample scenario to practice your coding skills. Click here to print this tip!
  • 10 No Place Like Home
    by Lynn Peters Adler, J.D. Today’s Increased Home Health Care Options Permit Centenarians to Maintain Their Independence Longer One of the most surprising aspects of the ever increasing population of centenarians, people 100 years or older, is how many of them…more

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  • 27 CMS Releases First Draft of OASIS-C
    (BILOXI, MS – June 27, 2013) CMS has released the first draft of the OASIS-C 1 form, which accommodates the new seven-digit ICD-10 codes and a few other revisions. The new draft clarifies language on 44 items and contains 110 OASIS…more

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