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  • 07 CMS Releases the 2015 Proposed Rule
    By: Jennifer Warfield, BSN, HCS-D, COS-C, PPS Plus Software The recent release of CMS’s 2015 Proposed Rule highlights some significant details and changes that will impact all home health professionals in the upcoming year. The document is 166 pages thick…more
  • 19 Software Tip of the Month - June 2014
    Control the Availability of Financial Data to Your Users For your OASIS Analysis Plus users that do not require access to reimbursement and cost data, you can remove this financial information from the software for that user by following these…more
  • 12 OASIS Tip of the Month - June 2014
    The Conditions of Participation (Part 1 of 5) Click here to print this tip!
  • 12 Coding Tip of the Month - June 2014
    Adverse Effects Walk through this sample scenario to practice your coding skills. Click here to print this tip!
  • 10 One Simple Question is the Key to Patient Focused Care
    By: Elais Ponton, BSN RN, CNO Nurses With Heart Home Care I recently spoke with a woman in her eight­ies about her expe­ri­ence with health care. We chat­ted about every­thing from the cur­rent state of health ser­vices in the U.S.…more

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  • 27 CMS Releases First Draft of OASIS-C
    (BILOXI, MS – June 27, 2013) CMS has released the first draft of the OASIS-C 1 form, which accommodates the new seven-digit ICD-10 codes and a few other revisions. The new draft clarifies language on 44 items and contains 110 OASIS…more

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